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May 2006 - AYplus  home beauty equipment into the market.

July 2007 - AYplus  the first batch of RF beauty and body equipment into the market, the market feedback is good!

March 2008 - Ayplus  the first batch of needle-free plastic instrument, weight loss series of equipment into the market, and a success!

September 2009 - the same section of the chassis series of beauty equipment began to put into production. Beauty equipment into the market.

August 2010 - Ayplus  increase the development of high-end desktop beauty equipment and production, comprehensive into the overseas market, with overseas dealers happy cooperation ...

September 2011 - plans to participate in the Guangzhou Fair, Hong Kong Asia Pacific Exhibition, to expand overseas market share ...

October 2012 - Hong Kong Asia Pacific Exhibition to achieve greater success.

March 2013 - Expanded product development team, technology as the core, improve core competitiveness!

July 2014 - Relying on the basis laid down in 2013, the successful development of several new products. Successful application of several appearance patent certificate, moxibustion patent certificate.

December 2015 - Get medical device license, qualification enhancement. Market share expand!

May 2016 - Liposonix  machine  in the market to achieve great results.

March 2017 - Independent successful research and development of Thermo lift machine .